We produce high quality ceramics, prepared for any market's demand and with high quality standards. Our experience of over 30 years is part of all our products, from the development of a decoration to the production of the smallest of pieces.

All our more than 60 decorations are hand painted by experienced painters of artistic and decorative ceramics. Our offer extends to utilitarian products, of both traditional and modern styles, special glass and contemporary finishes.

All our models (over 450) can be painted with any decoration, we also develop exclusive decorations, regional with inscriptions for example and for decoration complement to other objects / decoration.

Our design department has the experience and capacity to take your product exclusivity to absolute personalization for unique markets.

Our articles can be used:
- In the dishwasher
- Oven
- Microwave

Located in Alcobaça, our company is proud of being part of the ceramic history of a region recognized nationally and internationally for its faience. Our products are part of that history, of that responsibility of represent and value a region with a school and deep tradition of faience that we are proud of and taking it to the world is one of our objectives.

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Tel +351 262 509 400 (Call to national fixed network)
E-mail: info@sc-ceramics.com
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