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Our factory had a modest beginning in 1978 as a small space where learning and experimentation occupied most of the time of our workers, our evolution kept the curiosity of experimentation and the need for learning, but introduced the production capacity, quality and constant innovation.

We export quality ceramics to several continents and numerous countries, respecting the rules and constantly exceeding the expectations of our customers. More than ceramics, we export authentic high quality products produced by artisans and techniques that are the fruit of our history of Portuguese ceramics, our own experience and the sum of all the innovations and technical solutions that technology has allowed over the years and project all of this in our products.

Our export experience along with the ability to provide customized products tailored to a variety of markets, allows us to be in a position to work with any country in the world with the best conditions and management and logistics facilities.

Our production operations are organized through a proprietary software application developed exclusively for our company and with the active participation of our employees, allowing for production control, quantities, orders, production records and quality control far beyond what is customary in our industry and side by side with the best in the world. This organizational capacity facilitates the preparation of information for export control and shipment of orders, as well as reducing the possibility of errors in production.

Despite the computerized control and industrial production techniques, our products have a very high manual labor component, most of the production processes have very personalized work by the best craftsmen who give a little of themselves in each ceramic object they produce, contributing to human value that will always be present in each piece.

From the hand painting to the manual finishes, each piece is unique, and this can only be achieved through the authentic artistic touch from those who love what they do.

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